Via C. Forlanini, 48015 Cervia (RA)

The Cervia Natural Park is a protected natural area: for this reason it is not allowed to light fires, collect fruits of the undergrowth, mushrooms or asparagus, smoke, remove or free animals, enter with motorcycles. Dogs are allowed only in the free entry area and on a leash. Inside the park there are: horses, donkeys, buffaloes, goats, sheep, fallow deer, deer, pigs, rabbits and other small mammals. For some years now, there has also been an educational area "In the Old Farm", an enclosure where you can really get in touch with the animals, feed them, discover their characteristics and habits. You can enter alone or through guided tours. Hugging goats and other animals will be a fantastic experience for the little ones! The Natural Park offers several paths and shaded spaces where you can relax, walk and have a picnic in the equipped area. There is also a refreshment area, Binario 9 ¾ bar for a coffee break or a snack. Parco Naturale di Cervia Inside the Cervia Natural Park, CerviAvventura is an ideal experience for families, children, organized groups and lovers of sport and outdoor activities. An alternative day, to be together and walk suspended among the pine trees of the thousand-year-old pine forest of Cervia. Nine air routes, of different heights and suitable for all ages, where you can experience the thrill of being suspended between heaven and earth. Before leaving with harnesses and helmets, all Tarzans participate in a preparatory moment to learn how to juggle trees, in complete safety. CerviAvventura's paths are also ideal for stimulating coordination, concentration, balance and self-esteem. After experiencing the thrill of flying among the pine trees, you can relax walking through the paths of the pine forest, the botanical path and the animal enclosures. Let yourself be tempted, let the adventure begin! CerviAvventura Book your stay at the Hotel Annita in Cervia to visit the Cervia and CerviAvventura Natural Park! Request a quote by calling 0544 71441 / +39 348 7110839 or by writing an e-mail to


Book your stay at the Hotel Annita in Cervia!
Request a quote by calling 0544 71441 / +39 348 7110839 or by writing an e-mail to